A pair of Colorado turkey hunters recently got the ultimate surprise.

Mountain lions began descending towards them and briefly engaged in an intense stare down.

Janis Putelis of the Meateater Podcast shared the haunting video on Instagram on April 15 from an experience while in Colorado with fellow hunter Zach Sandau. Putelis teased that an upcoming episode will share the details of the encounter.

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Fortunately the lions ended up bolting away without incident. How do you think you would have reacted in this situation?

This is certainly not the first encounter Colorado hunters have had with big cats. Here's a couple other recent Centennial State incidents:

This encounter happened near Gunnison, Colorado around the New Year. It's a huge buck with a mountain lion hanging onto it's neck for dear life. NOTE: some NSFW words from the hunters as they do the play-by-play on this.

Elk hunters also got a surprise in the fall of 2020.

Trevor Brown said he kept hearing rustling in bushes behind him. His first assumption is that it was a deer or elk.

When Brown finally got up to stretch out and investigate, he found himself in a stand off with a mountain lion that was 10 feet away. The mountain lion was hissing and staring right at Brown.

While Brown carries a gun with him while bow hunting, it wasn't nearby. Instead he trusted his bow and arrow. His shot went through the mountain lion and staved off the attack — Brown said the Colorado Parks and Wildlife investigation ruled it was self-defense.

A teenage near Gunnison, Colorado also had to act fast to stave off an attack.

This young lady comes face to face with an aggressive mountain lion. She tries to intimidate the cat, but eventually throws down her phone and grabs her rifle.

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