Many people throughout the state of Colorado have been talking about how hot it has been this week. Just remember, the white stuff could always be flying around as well.

If you are new to the state of Colorado, you've probably heard many stories about snow falling in the month of June and sometimes even July.

You may not have believed any of those stories and thought it was just all a "myth". Well think again.

It does snow in the state of Colorado in the month of June, and I have the video proof.

What is the first batch of evidence I have? Well let's rewind back to 2012 when snow was falling right around 11k feet in the mountains in the second half of the month.

How about seven years ago, when this Colorado visitor was at Rocky Mountain National Park and they had to close the road due to the snowfall.

It happened as recently as 2014 as well, on June 15th to be exact. And it looks like it caused quite the traffic backup on the interstate.

Lastly, how about this snowstorm at Loveland Pass back on June 20th, 2011?

So there you go. Proof that it does snow in the state of Colorado during the month of June. Use this as a reminder that when you need your air conditioning on as much as we have needed it this week, we could always be hit with the white stuff at any point in time.

That being said, it looks like the mountain peaks (along with Longs Peak) could see some of the white stuff this weekend judging by the forecast below. Keep that in mind if you planned on hiking a 14'er on Saturday or Sunday.

Just another weather cycle here in the great state of Colorado!

Credit: Mountain Forecast.Com
Credit: Mountain Forecast.Com

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