UCHealth has a new assistant that can help patients across Northern Colorado.

Her name is Livi, and she’s a conversational artificial intelligence being used by the healthcare system. It currently works on Amazon Alexa and the UCHealth website. 

The technology will soon be available on Google assistant and UCHealth apps.

 “This is what our community wants and needs,” said Nikki Caputo, UCHealth’s director of experience and innovation. “As technology grows, she will grow along with it.”

Currently, Livi can help patients with information like facility locations, answer basic health questions and share out stories from the UCHealth blog.

Caputo said the system is eventually being programmed to offer test results and allow for communication back and forth with UCHealth staff.

Livi is not intended to diagnose any conditions or replace conversations with a doctor. 

“We’re focused on improving patients’ experiences with us in a convenient and accessible way,” said Manny Rodriguez, UCHealth’s chief marketing and experience officer in a press release. 

“Patients want information at their fingertips – whether that be via phone, computer or even smart speakers – and we want to be able to give them what they need as quickly and easily as possible."

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