Vince Gill was worked up when he took to the streets to confront members of the Westboro Baptist Church on Sunday (Sept. 8). The group was set up outside his concert venue to protest what they called adultery by the singer.

Gill let them know what he thought of their setup -- using several strong four-letter words -- during a brief exchange, which was caught on video.

The country star and wife Amy Grant's relationship was the subject of many tabloids before they married in 2000. She was previously married to Gary Champan, and while the Westboro church member doesn't accuse Gill of breaking up that marriage, she says that "divorce plus remarriage equals adultery."

"Don't you know that you f---ers are lucky that you don't have a sign that says something about my wife?" Gill responds, with a tremor of anger in his voice. He never actually raised his voice in his confrontation, but offered a number of sharp barbs at the group. "I just came to see what hate looked like," he says early on.

"He said a lot of stuff about forgiveness, about grace," Gill insists when told it was Jesus Christ who made the adultery comments. "You guys don't have any of it."

In the clip, he's seen turning away from the woman with the camera to confront an unseen man, who is picketing at the road. "I've seen you on TV man, you're a big dip----. You know that, don't you?" Gill asks.

Gill played the Kauffman Center in Kansas City on Sunday night. The exchange took place before the show, according to the YouTube video description. There was no indication that the smooth-voiced country singer's concert experienced any problems once the music began.

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