The most evil church/cult in the United States, the Westboro Baptist Church, has announced plans to come to Colorado State University's graduation this weekend. Now, the best way to handle them coming would be for this article not to exist at all and ignore them completely, but unfortunately, not everyone knows that. So here are some tips on how to deal with them if they do come to Northern Colorado. 

The cult's main goal is to cause as much discomfort in people as they can thus creating a media frenzy, and getting their horrible word out to more and more people. So, basically by writing this article, I am giving them what they want... But instead of spreading their awful words or even sharing what they say about CSU, I am simply here to tell you to ignore them if they come.

Don't create Facebook groups to counter-protest them, don't get all your buddies together to go yell or make threats to them, and don't even look at them if they actually show up in Fort Collins this May. Instead, pretend they aren't even there. Walk by them, look through them, and give these A-holes no more press than they already get!

If you really feel the need to do something about these D-bags, there is a great Northern Colorado-based group called Journey for Justice that is handling the WBC correctly. get more details on how to join J4J here.

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