It's not who you know. It's who you know that knows someone else. Such is the case for Journey 4 Justice and the ^5 (high five) from Full Throttle magazine.

A few weeks ago I received an email here at work from Cindy Blanton with Full Throttle magazine wanting to run an article about Journey 4 Justice.  Come to find out that it was one of our team members from Missouri (Gene Overhoff - TL for Missouri 5 and our Sergeant at Arms) who stopped by a business who carried the magazine and left one of our business cards.

Simple as that.  The staff was curious, checked us (Journey 4 Justice) out and thought it was a great story as well and wanted to make sure all their readers saw the story in case they hadn't.  The magizine hit stores in Missouri and Illinois this month.  Check out the article by clicking the link below and thank you Cindy for believing!

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