Verizon is one of the most popular cell phone service providers in the nation as well as Colorado. Verizon reportedly has the best cell phone coverage in Colorado.

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I have to be honest, that made me laugh. I live in Fort Collins and I have awful service in The Choice City.

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If you have Verizon in Colorado, you have an opportunity to receive $100 due to a major lawsuit that the company is facing.

Verizon’s Lawsuit: Why Customers Are Receiving Cash


Verizon had been charging customers with an administrative charge without their knowledge of what the charge was. The charge was not laid out in any customer’s planned monthly price.

Verizon is getting sued for $100 million in New Jersey, but all customers with Verizon in Colorado are eligible for $100 from the class action lawsuit.

How You Can Get Your Settlement


All Verizon customers are eligible, but Verizon is not going to simply send you a $100 check. That would be nice, though. A verified website has been launched for you to claim your settlement.

You would need to enter your Verizon account number and your last name. The system will then send you a notice ID and confirmation code to ensure you get your settlement check and/or cash.

You will need to submit by April 15, 2024, to receive your compensation for the class action lawsuit.

You can find the website to submit your claim here.

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