The nation is getting ready to welcome back the USS Colorado (SSN 788). The USS Colorado is returning to its home in Connecticut.

Where the USS Colorado Was Across the Globe

USS Colorado was commanded by Commander David Beam. The submarine is making its final 2023 stop at Groton’s Naval Submarine Base New London on Tuesday, December 19, according to a press release from the Navy Office of Community Outreach.

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After a six-month deployment in Europe, the crew is finally coming home after a successful mission in safeguarding national security.

About USS Colorado’s Mission

During their time at sea, the Colorado crew took on the chief of naval operations’ strategy, handling national security interests and maritime security operations.

These submarines are like Swiss army knives, covering everything from sea control to power projection and deterrence.

History of the USS Colorado

SSN 788 was commissioned on March 17, 2018, and is the fourth U.S. warship named after the state of Colorado. - Navy Office of Community Outreach

USS Colorado is 477 feet long, 34 feet wide, and has a team of over 134 people. Back in 2019, the USS Colorado went viral because it used an XBOX video game controller to help control certain aspects of the ship.

The first USS Colorado was built in 1856, which is kind of interesting because Colorado did not even become a state until 1876.

It is very cool to see our armed forces use Colorado as an inspiration for their warships. No, the USS Colorado will not ever actually make it to Colorado, but it is something we should be proud of.

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