Because only in Fort Collins do we opt to swap our cars for bikes. New Belgium, the Fort Collins-based brewery, is looking for someone to go car-free, in exchange for a commuter bike. 


Tour de Fat is coming up this weekend (September 3), and New Belgium is looking for someone to ditch the keys for one year and be the chosen one; the 'car traitor.' (Ah, New Belgium, we see what you did there.

In every Tour de Fat city, one brave role model will step on stage to trade in his or her car keys and pledge to live car free for one year. Each swapper is awarded a $2,250 stipend to buy their own commuter bike and receives rock star status when the crowd goes wild in support of their commitment. -New Belgium

Want to go sans car for one year? Hey, if it's possible anywhere, it's here in Northern Colorado. Just make a quick video and fill out the application here.

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