Once I read a list of the craziest thing's ever sold, I started looking all over the web and laughed my bottom off. Now I am looking to see what I could sell, trust me, you don't apparently have to be a movie star or musician to make some real dough.

Top Ten Craziest Thing's Ever


  1. Ghost in a jar sold for over 55 thousand
  2. A toilet once owned by John Lennon sold for nearly $15,000
  3. A cornflake shaped like the state of Illinois, any guesses? A whopping $1,350
  4. The naming rights of an unborn child went for 15 thousand
  5. BBC news says a grilled cheese with the likeness of the Virgin Mary sold for $28,000
  6. A group of Australian men auctioned off a night of beer, snacks and a lot of laughs, yep it sold for 1,300
  7. A Vampire killing kit, I think they've been watching too much Supernatural, but hey if you can sell it ... it sold for $4,550
  8. Zagami Martian Meteorite, I don't know either, but someone paid $450,000 for it, apparently it fell from the sky in 1962
  9. Lunch with Warren Buffet, can't say I wouldn't bid on this, he is a pretty financially smart man, but can't say he would approve of spending 2.63 million to do it
  10. Watch out the next time you eat Doritos, one shaped like the Pope's Hat sold for $1,209

Okay, I can't talk anymore, I gotta go see what kind of crap, I mean quality goods I have at home that I can sell on the internet! :)

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