To be a guy for a day or two would be nice, here are some problems only girls know, all too well.

Woman at the Beach D Dennison
Woman at the Beach D Dennison


  • Taking a picture: Hold your arm next to you, hand on your hip, do you stand in the middle, what will make  you look thinner and maybe you should just bend slightly at the waist into the shot and make a cheesy face?!
  • Getting Bronzer: on absolutely everything and having orange skin between your fingers and toes.
  • Showering: it's not just a pop in pop out let's go kind of event, for the most part. Girls/women plus showering equals an event that can't be taken on lightly.
  • Public Bathrooms: Can we talk, seriously?! There is a whole list of things that go wrong for a woman here, but that's as far as this writer can go.
  • A New Outfit: when should it be worn, what event, when can it be worn again? If you wear it today at work and then again on Sunday at brunch, no one will notice, right, but what if you run into someone from work?
  • Shaving: in the winter it seems to be worse, you forget from time to time that you may  need a shave, until you are rolling up your jeans for your pedicure or trying to relax for a massage, all you can think about is what they think of the forest you're sporting around on your legs and/or toes.
  • Bras: when to wash it or if you put it in the hamper will that bra be washed and dried in time to wear with that shirt? How many times can you actually wear a bra without washing it?
  • Getting Ready: It has recently been stated and likely proved that getting ready and saying you'll be five minutes is like your guy saying he will be home from an outing with the guys in five minutes. Five minutes is subjective to the actual event you're doing before you have to do the next event, often times five minutes really mean up to an hour. Seriously, getting ready for a woman, well, go back to showering, shaving and bras.
  • Pants: you say you don't understand woman clothing sizes, what's a 0 anyway or a 10, guys don't get this, hello, neither do women. They ARE just numbers that few jean manufacturers actually agree on. It isn't only that, an 8 on the hanger isn't necessarily for the 8 every woman is, there's hips and no hips, bottoms and no bottoms, thicker waists, thinner waists... if you, men are really tired of leggings then figure out the jean industry and make pants a woman can actually wear.


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