You might not be able to jump tall buildings or go faster than a locomotive, but these super foods will leave you feeling super.

Super Foods iStock
Super Foods iStock


  • Aloe Vera: reduces heart attack and strokes and is packed full of minerals, vitamins, amino acids and more
  • Bee Pollen: natures wonder food that helps fight cancer, diabetes and depression
  • Maca: reduces chronic fatigue, increases energy and strengthens memory
  • Reishi Mushrooms: goes head-to-head with arthritis, cancer and allergies
  • Goji Berries: an antioxidant warrior improving mood, protecting the heart and reducing inflammation
  • Chlorella: detoxes the body, helps the body heal and reduces digestive issues
  • Hemp: fortifies the immune system, reduces inflammation and clears up skin disorders
  • Coconut: strengthens liver, improves immune system and kills bacteria

With any advice about foods and extracts, please do your research to see how these super foods can, if at all help you.


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