Where is your favorite place to start the morning?

There's nothing better than a delicious cup of coffee. I am an avid coffee drinker. I have a long, hot cup in the morning and usually find myself reaching for an afternoon pick-me-up too. And with fall approaching, I can't help but be so excited for those fall flavors. Give them all to me!

And yes, that includes pumpkin spice.

Now, I'll admit that I tend to stick to my own home brews on a regular basis. I have several different varieties and half a dozen creamer options to satisfy any craving or mood. I'm prepared. I usually use the coffee shop experience for special occasions... like Friday. Seriously. I like to congratulate myself for making it through another week, but I feel it's important to celebrate the small things, even if it is just Friday.

Here are the top five coffee shops in Fort Collins according to Yelp...

1. Harbinger Coffee

505 S Mason St

2. Bindle Coffee

1933 Jessup Dr

3. The Little Bird Bakeshop

11 Old Town Sq

4. Butterfly Cafe

212 Laporte Ave

5. Genesis Coffee

400 S Link Ln

What do you think? Did they get it right? Tell us where you go for the perfect cup of coffee or tea.

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