Trends can be weird. Sometimes, they are pointless, but sometimes, they can turn out to be useful.

There is a new trend in Colorado where people intentionally put toilet paper in their refrigerators.

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Weird, right? You might be wondering why in the world people might be doing this. It sounds incredibly dumb, but there's actually a reason that putting toilet paper in your fridge will make your home cleaner.

Are You A Skeptic? Me Too


Readers Digest says that the reason why people are doing this is because toilet paper is absorbent, and it will soak up all of the extra moisture in your fridge. When you have less moisture in your fridge, it will be less likely to stink.

Have you ever opened up your fridge, and a wave of disgusting smells hit your face? It will happen less if you stick some toilet paper in there.

Experts Suggest Adding Baking Soda Paste As Well


Throughout my life, I have either just cleaned out my fridge or opened up a box of baking soda and stuck it on a shelf. House Digest says that the ultimate way to get rid of refrigerator odor is to put baking soda on the toilet paper roll.

As the toilet paper attracts moisture, the alkaline baking soda will neutralize acidic odors. If you love the results in your fridge, try placing a toilet paper roll in other odor-prone areas too, like closets and basements. - Brooke Younger

Should You Store Toilet Paper in the Fridge?

The video above says you should replace the toilet paper every three to four weeks. It is totally your call. If moisture and bad odor are a consistent problem for you, go ahead and give it a shot. Before you call toilet paper the cure for a stinky fridge, try cleaning it out first.

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