Todd Harding, TSM

Lately I have been noticing that my skin is a little rough. My pores have become craters.  I am getting more zits than I did when I was in high school. My wife tells me it is because I don't take care of my skin properly.

I said, "Hey, I wash my face a couple times a day".  She said, "That's not enough! You need to exfoliate and moisturize."  Then she suggested I let her give me a clay mask facial. I was not happy, but being the good husband I am, I went along.

My wife is not the only one who believes that skin care is important for men and before you yank my Guy Card, you should read this:

According to AskMen.com,

Despite the air of mystique and femininity surrounding a clay mask, it can be an important part of a man’s skin care regimen. This isn’t an intense spa facial, but rather a quick 10-minute commitment once a week to deep-clean your face. The clay removes dead skin and promotes cellular regeneration. It also unclogs pores while reducing excess oil and shine.


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