Veggies make your insides beautiful, now tap into the top 8 veggies that'll make you look beautiful on the outside while fighting off disease.

Vegetables That Make You Beautiful TSM
Vegetables That Make You Beautiful TSM


  • Spinach is packed full of great nutrients to create a beautiful powerhouse of a body inside and out... want brighter and younger looking eyes? Start eating your spinach.  (it's pretty amazing for your complexion too)
  • Red Cabbage, stop thinking its just something to add extra crunch to your salad. This veggie should be an everyday go to food, it helps your skin look radiant, cleanses your insides while eating up the toxins in your body and will help you maintain a blemish free face
  • About a cup of Kale will pump you up and help you fight osteoporosis and heart disease. Kale is also great for your skin.  And if you reach for the Winterbor Kale you'll get an extra dose of amazing with tons of fiber to help you knock out high blood pressure and cholesterol.
  • Beets, once used as a punishment for this writer has a sexy new look. This is a veggie that is your skins best friend, helps keep fine lines away, can help control your weight (with regular consumption) and minimizes blemishes.
  • Eggplant! This beautiful purple veggie has a natural ingredient that has been classified as an anti-aging compound, nausnin. Bonus power of the eggplant: a free-radical that can help lower cholesterol, fight cancer and has the power to boss the bad stuff out and tell the good stuff where to go. Oh, all this and only 35 calories per cup! (no that doesn't include eggplant Parmesan) :)
  • Basil is rich in antioxidants, can keep your skin radiant and has the power to kick some cervical cancer butt!
  • Tell your kids to eat their Brussels Sprouts! This tasty green balls of flavor pack a true punch. Rich in sulfur compounds, Brussels Sprouts can block certain enzymes that trigger abnormal growths and arms you with reasonable protection from infection, inflammation and rheumatoid arthritis.
  • Red Bell Peppers are loaded with Vitamin C. This helps in the growth of white blood cells that are warriors against bacteria and germs in your body. You'll get an immunity boost and younger looking skin with red bell peppers.

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