Our Cat Morgan
Todd Harding, TSM

I had my heart broken yesterday. I lost a member of my family. A little black Manx has been my baby girl for over 18 years. Our beloved Morgan would have been 19 in September. Saying goodbye to our little peanut yesterday was not easy. It was equally as hard as when we lost her brother Chudley last September.

Morgan was such a good kitty. She always followed the rules, unlike her renegade brother, Chudley or her new little sister Frosty. All she ever wanted in life was food and lots of it and a little love on her own terms.

I know I will make a few of you throw up a little bit, but she was always "Daddy's Little Girl".  We had a special connection. I know part of that connection was that I fed her every day of her life for 18 years. Also, every morning when I go to work at 4 a.m. I stop on the stairs and play with Morgan. That stopped about 6 months ago, but we played that little game for two decades.

I always looked forward to cooler weather because we got "Winter Kitty". Morgan didn't like to sit in our laps during the summer because it was too hot.  When it started to get cold, she would crawl up in our laps and hoped that I would build a fire in the fireplace.

Morgan never really liked to sleep in bed with us. I think it was mostly because her brother was there, but every single night for her entire life, she would come up and say goodnight to us before going to bed downstairs. It's always been my favorite part of the day.

To this day, Morgan greets me at the door every day when I get home from work. It is going to feel weird walking into the house this afternoon without a big hello from my sweet kitty. I'm going to miss you Baby Girl.

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