If you're a pet owner, you dread the thought of burying a pet. Eventually it's probably going to happen, but how do you go about it here in Wyoming?

A pet and human have a special bond and the thought of your cat, dog or other pet, crossing the rainbow bridge is heartbreaking. When it does happen, how do you take care of the situation?

Can you just take your pet into the backyard and bury it?

In Wyoming the answer is yes as long as you live an area of the state that allows it. Your Vet will be the best source for you to ask.

If you live outside of most city limits, you can bury your pet on your own property as long as it's 1/2 mile from any human habitation and not close to a water source. The animal needs to be buried at least 2 feet underground.

In cities like Casper or Cheyenne, you must remove the animals from your property within a certain time period and have them buried in approved locations or face fines if the animal has to be removed. In Gillette, Animal Control will remove dead animals from your property at the request of the owner.

Make sure you check the city codes, before you start digging. If are able to bury your pet in the backyard, make sure you're digging in a spot that isn't going to cause issues. In the are of gas lines, water lines or electrical lines, is a big no no. Call before you dig.

If burying in the backyard isn't an option, where can you bury your pet then?

One of the easiest ways to find out about pet burial or what options are available after your pet dies, is to contact your Veterinarian. They will be able to direct you with multiple options and help you get to best option for you.

Here are a couple of ideas that are possible outside of burial in your yard.

  • Cremation - Just like humans, this option is becoming very popular. Many options of how to store your pet are available and may be a better option.
  • Pet Cemeteries - Created for animals only and will give your pet a place to rest in peace along side other animals.
  • Remembrance Stones - Stones that are created with your pets ashes, allowing you to put it in your pets favorite spot.
  • Pawprints - Have your pets paw prints pressed into clay so you can have a memory with you around the house.

The Oregon Trail Pet Cemetery Outside of Casper

Just outside of Casper is the final resting spot of some beloved pets. Unlike a Steven King story, they aren't coming back. Time, however, is reclaiming the grounds. Headstones are sinking back into the earth. Sagebrush and weeds overtake some stones, but the names still peek through to remind us of pets no longer with us.

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