I need a doctor. Don't worry, I am not sick. My doctor changed careers. So, I am left without a physician.

I have gone through this before when my past doctor retired. It's not easy to find a doctor and then it is hard to get an appointment to see them. My wife had to wait several weeks for an appointment with her doc. I loved my last doctor, but getting in to see her was like getting a personal summit with the President.

I need a doctor that is in Fort Collins or Windsor and they need to be able to see me. I can't have a doctor that makes me wait several weeks for an appointment. Then I just end up going to Urgent Care. They do a good job, but I need a regular physician.

If you know of anyone that fits that bill, please let me know. The best way to get in touch with me is by e-mail:  todd@k99.com.

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