Matt Sparx is filling in for Brian Gary today with Todd Harding. We got on the subject of hair bands and Todd said that Guns N' Roses didn't have any hits in the 80's... As a fan of GNR, I said that they did. Todd decided he wanted to make a wager on it of $11, all the cash he had in his wallet. Guns N' Roses did in fact have a hit in the 80's, 4 in fact.

According to this was their number 1 song on 9-10-1988

Welcome to the Jungle peaked at number 7 on 12-24-1988

Patience peaked at number 4 on 6-3-1989

And finally one of the most iconic songs, Paradise City peaked at number 5 on 3-11-1989

Todd is no $11 poorer and Matt Sparx had to gloat just a little bit, check it out:

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