There is no shortage of beautiful hikes and scenery in Northern Colorado. There are so many different types of hikes with different scenery for all kinds of skill levels and recently I did one with my 7 year old that gave us some of the best views we've ever had and, it was less than an hour away from Downtown Windsor.

The Greyrock Summit Trail near Bellvue will provide you some challenges and effort to get to the top but if you bring plenty of water and a little extra fortitude, you will enjoy some of the best views the state of Colorado has to offer, without spending all day in car driving to the trailhead.

We made it to the trailhead from our front door in about 50 minutes and while the parking lot was pretty full, the trail didn't seem too packed. I think the fact that you can take two different trails to the top really helps the crowded aspect.

You can take the loop trail which will add about another 3/4 mile to a full mile to your hike or you can just take the main trail (#946) to the top.

Taking that main trail without doing the loop is about a 6.5 mile roundtrip hike and I would rate this hike as moderate with some pretty steep parts in there that will truly get the heart pumping and the glutes burning.

The one thing I would highly recommend is wearing long pants on the hike, at least in the beginning portion as there is quite a bit of poison ivy on and around the trail so it's even more important to stay on the trail to avoid that too.

So if you're looking for some incredible views without having to drive 2-3 hours one way, I highly recommend the Greyrock Summit hike.


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