Have you ever purchased something and noticed a strange charge at the bottom of the receipt? Most of us in Colorado certainly have.

You probably haven't noticed those sneaky charges because companies love to bury them in the fine print at checkout or on the bottom of your receipt. Many of the fees can be called junk fees.

Junk Fees in Colorado


Most of the time these junk fees are a sneaky way to either grow their profit or it is a way to pay costs they don't want to.

Americans spent $90 billion last year on fees we do not understand.

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That is a whole lot of cash. On average, every family in Colorado paid $650 in junk fees last year.

We will explain more about how many junk fees will be eliminated soon. But first, here are 10 common fees that drive Colorado residents nuts.

10 Hidden Fees That Drive Coloradans Nuts

Gallery Credit: Tanner Chambers

Junk Fees Might Go Away

The current administration is looking to eliminate many of these junk fees. For example, airlines have been cracked down on to eliminate fees. Additionally, if your flight is delayed significantly or canceled, you will be paid back in cash rather than receiving a voucher for a future flight.

Additionally, junk fees on credit cards are a major problem that Coloradans face. A bill in the works would limit credit card late fees to just $8.

Banks made $14 million in profit last year because of credit card late fees.

Additional fees can be a headache for many of us. However, they might be limited or eliminated soon.

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