With the popularity of big box stores like Costso and Sam's Club, buying in bulk is on the rise, but it's not always a great idea. Here's a list of thing you should avoid buying in bulk and others you should buy.

Don't Buy:

Books, CDs and DVDS - Buy these online, they have better prices and you avoid the lines.

Perishable Items - Unless you use that industrial sized jar of mayo, avoid anything that has an expiration date.

Diapers - Once again, if you are prepared... online diaper delivery programs will save you money.

Laundry Detergent - Detergent doesn't last forever. It actually loses its potency after six months.

Paper Goods - If you're open coupons, you can get a much better deal at stores like Target and Walmart.

Do Buy:

Rotisserie Chicken and Meats - If you sell 60 million rotisserie chickens a year like Costco, you get a deal.

Gift Cards - Costco and Sam's sells restaurant and retailer gift cards for fifteen to twenty percent off.

Over-the-Counter and Prescription Pain Relievers - These are less expensive here than any drugstore.

Frozen Vegetables and Meats - It's cheaper and it will keep

Soda and Alcohol - This is where "volume is your friend." Buy this in bulk every time.

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