Costco is great for several different reasons but for ME, the best thing about it are the free samples. I'll seriously go in there and just hit one sample tray after another and sometimes I'll even head back to a REALLY yummy sample spot for seconds and dare I say...thirds?

According to The Denver Channel, the membership only Costco will be bringing back the popular free samples for the first time since all of this Covid stuff hit the fan.

Costco will begin phasing free food samples back into stores in the first week of June. He said they’ll start with about 170 stores of the nearly 560 U.S. locations including the location here in Timnath.

There WILL be a few changes including the samples being prepared behind plexiglass and they'll be a little smaller portions while being given to customers one at a time.

This coming on the heels of their announcement on May 14, when they said that customers and employees no longer need to wear a face covering in its stores if they are fully vaccinated, except in locations where state and local regulations still call for them.

The pandemic has taken a LOT away from so many of us...some bigger than others but something this past year plus has taught me is to appreciate the little things THAT much free samples at Costco.

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