Are you one of those people who is loyal to one grocery store? Some stores are better than others, and one Fort Collins grocery store is ranked as one of the best in America. Consumer Reports has released their annual ratings of the best grocery stores in the U.S. based on several characteristics. Their annual supermarket survey was completed by over 62,000 subscribers, and rated such characteristics as service, cleanliness, selection, local produce and price of organics.

The top store in the U.S., once again, was the North East baed chain Wegmans. Second place was a tie, between Publix, and the latest addition to the Fort Collins marketplace, Trader Joe's. Luckily our highly rated Northern Colorado shopping doesn't end there, with Costco coming in fifth and Sprouts at seventh.

If you were wondering who came in last... it was a three-way tie, between A&P, Waldbaum's and Walmart.

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