The first Croc was introduced at a boat show in Fort Lauderdale, Florida in 2002 and sold the 200 pairs they brought with them. Crocs - headquartered in Niwot, Colorado - has since sold about 300 million shoes.

There have been a variety of styles along the way that have been greeted with either excitement or laughter, depending on your love/hate relationship with the shoe. Most recently there was a Croc style shoe with a built-in sock.

According to Metro News, Crocs is now offering a high-heeled shoe. That's right....what was originally a beach shoe has been elevated to something more on the "glamorous" side. You've got the comfort and light-weight features of the Croc while sipping wine or other beverages at that next formal affair... or not. Balenciaga is taking it a step forward by offering a foam platform Croc that includes charms, spikes and pins. Their website claims they "sold out within hours after appearing on the Spring '18 runway." Oh, and they are listed at $912.96. That's U.S. dollars.


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