I remember moving to Florida in 2008. The parking lots in both Tampa and Jacksonville seemed to have been designed by someone who thought it would be amusing to have drivers frustrated or maybe wanted to deter shoppers from coming into the parking lot. Take for example a grocery store parking lot.

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It wouldn't be so bad, but if you wanted to go to another business that had a stand-alone building in the same parking lot, you would have to go out of the parking lot, get on the main road, make another turn and then get into the parking lot of said stand-alone building. Oftentimes, we would just walk across the parking lot to avoid the traffic mess.

More and more parking lots like this are popping up in Colorado as of late. Top off the frustrating traffic flow with the copious amounts of cars and you are bound to have a horrible time trying to get simple errands accomplished. I have plenty of opinions on certain parking lots in Northern Colorado, I wanted to see if the frustrations were felt by others in the region.

As it turns out, there are plenty of other parking lots in Northern Colorado that can induce a tad bit of parking lot rage. These are a few parking lots that are considered the worst in Northern Colorado:

Can you agree with these? Did we miss what you think is the worst parking lot in Northern Colorado? Let us know.

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