Colorado is hands down one of the best states for an in-state road trip. There is so much to see, there is so much to do, and there are places all along the way that will give you the urge to pull over just to snap a quick photo.

As an avid user of social media, Instagram has to be one of my favorite platforms to share photos. Most of my Instagram feed is filled with surreal places all over Colorado that I keep adding to my bucket list.


According to, there are some pretty popular places in the state of Colorado that you should check out and post on Instagram for yourself. The most Instagrammed location in the state is right here in Northern Colorado. Rocky Mountain National Park has more than 700,000 hashtags and it is no secret as to why it is the most popular Instagram location in Colorado.

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Rocky Mountain National Park is also the seventh most Instagrammed national park in the nation. Another Colorado location with more than 700,000 posts was Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs.

Ask anyone who lives or has ever lived in the state of Colorado what the best music venue on the face of this earth is and the answer will always be Red Rocks Amphitheatre. Red Rocks is also on the list of the most Instagrammed locations in Colorado with more than 269,000 posts on the social media platform.


To see the full list of the most Instagrammable landmarks in Colorado, visit

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