You thought it was cold in Northern Colorado a few days ago? It was! If you live in Greeley, you knew it got REALLY cold. The best word to describe how cold it was... Frigid.

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The actual temperatures were below zero, but the wind chill was a smack straight to the face. The windchill in Greeley on Friday morning was 44 degrees below zero! That is cold! It was cold enough that if you decided to boil a cup of water and throw it in the air (outside obviously), the boiling hot water would turn into ice crystals before it even hit the ground. If you have a beard, you would have icicles formed on your face in minutes and your snot freezes. Mmmm snotcicles!

We are entering the coldest part of winter in the next few weeks so we might be seeing more of the subzero temperatures soon. Stay safe and stay bundled up!


Source: Coloradoan



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