It was supposed to be one of the best championship Sundays in recent history but it turned into a couple of unwatchable blowouts. The NFL playoffs, aside from the Green Bay/Dallas game, have been a dud. There hasn't been much competitive football that is for sure. The Atlanta Falcons and the New England Patriots have earned their right to be in the big game by rolling through the competition this post season.

Now the big question that is on the minds of all footballs fans is...Who will win the Pro Bowl? I am kidding. We all know we care more about who will win Wheel of Fortune than the Pro Bowl. I am looking for your prediction for the Super Bowl. Who will win? I thought all along that New England and Green Bay would be playing for it but Atlanta made Green Bay look like a JV squad on Sunday. I am now picking Atlanta to win it all. I think they look unbeatable. I will never overlook or count out Tom Brady and the Patriots but I am feeling Atlanta is the team to beat now. How about you?

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