I know that around here most consider John Elway or maybe Peyton Manning as the greatest quarterback of all time. I totally understand that but after last nights performance it is hard to argue that Tom Brady is the greatest we have ever seen play the position. I know there are a lot of Brady haters and I get it, but if you throw the hatred aside and just look at what the man has done on the field, it is hard to disagree with calling him the best ever.

I have never seen anything like what occurred in the fourth quarter of that game yesterday. It was nothing short of a football miracle. I can only imagine how devastating this one was for Falcon fans. You had this game right in your hands and then...you got Brady-ed.  I could never say I am a big Brady fan but I respect the heck out him and am open minded enough to put my personal feelings aside and salute the greatest of all time. Congrats Mr. Brady. It is a treat to watch you play the game. Bravo!

Who do you consider to be the greatest QB of all time?

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