We have heard the rumors of the Front Range Passenger Rail coming to Colorado. In December 2023 it was announced that the project, which would pretty much connect the entire state, was moving to the federal level.

That means that the project was eligible to receive funding from the federal government. Another step has been taken to make the Front Range Passenger Rail a reality.

Before we dive into that step, here is what the Front Range Passenger Project is all about.

Front Range Passenger Project: What It Is

The project aims to create public transportation throughout Colorado. The rail would connect Pueblo, Colorado Springs, Boulder, Denver, and Fort Collins.

Front Range Passenger Project
Front Range Passenger Project

Down the road, the Front Range Passenger Projects wants to include New Mexico as well.

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My partner commutes to Denver a few times a week for work. For her, this would be a game changer. This project would help with traffic. Commuters will have other options than sitting on I-25 for extended periods.

Update on Front Range Passenger Project in Colorado

It was recently announced that Governor Jared Polis plans to invest in public transportation this year. Governor Polis called 2024 the year of transit and plans to invest $170 million per year in order to get the project started.

It is important to note that Governor Polis also wants to invest in local bus routes.

New Tax to Pay For Colorado Project


A new tax will be implemented, according to SB24-184. The state of Colorado will tax short-term rental vehicles $3.00 per day.

It does not sound like much, but it adds up quickly.

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