There are few things more enjoyable than a day at the zoo. We have a wonderful zoo just miles away. The Denver Zoo is one of the best in the country.  My wife, daughter and I took my grandson there for his first zoo visit last week.

zoo train

We had a great day walking the grounds and checking out all the critters. I love the monkey island and the penguins. We say the giraffes and the elephants too but Zander's favorite was the polar bear. He even stood up and rubbed his belly for us. I told Zander that was his way of saying that he wanted to eat him. When he quit crying we moved on to some of the non animal fun. We put him on the train and he was so happy. What young boy doesn't love a train?  We also stopped and got a picture drawn of him and his mom.

zoo drawing

I know my wife has always wanted to work at a zoo. I think she would be great as part of the poo crew. Here she is next to one of the signs.

zoo poo

Gather the family and head to the zoo. You will create some great memories and see some very cool earthmates.

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