I will never forget the day I first day I heard it. The whole radio station was floored. We played it over and over and knew something special was about to happen and it sure did. I am talking about the day I heard Billy Ray Cyrus sing 'Achy Breaky Heart'. That song created a sensation unlike anything country music had seen before and helped take line dancing and mullets to whole new level.

Billy became huge. I remember going down to see him at the old McNichols Arena in Denver. The place was as loud as an Elvis concert. Billy's debut album "Some Gave All" began a long reign on top of the country album chart on this date 25 years ago. This is one of those albums that has sold millions and millions of copies yet many people will not admit they own or like the record. I love this album. It had four great singles including "She's Not Crying Anymore", "Could've Been Me" and there was the iconic title cut "Some Gave All" as well.

Dig deep into your collection and blow the dust off this one today. It is a fun trip back to when country music was taking the world by storm and Billy Ray was a major force behind it.

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