Normally, I like blue jays. They are neat birds and they frequent my backyard often. In years past, I never have had an issue with them until recently. I believe there is one single blue jay that comes to my yard to discard his evidence of eating peanuts.

Matt Sparx
Matt Sparx

The peanuts are the real issue here. My puppy has now found the shells and sometimes fully intact peanuts. Our ten-month-old puppy has now made it a mission to try and find a peanut shell every opportunity she has when she goes out into the backyard. Retrieving the shells from her has become daunting as she now considers the peanut a game. She is a fast and agile dog, so catching her most of the time is nearly non-existent, especially if you are trying to juggle the everyday tasks like getting ready for work.

Now, I am well aware that eventually, she will grow out of this stage, but I can't help to place the blame on the blue jay. After all, that is the only reason why the peanuts end up in our backyard in the first place. Maybe go one or two houses over and have your meal. They have nice trees for you to eat in.

If you might happen to have any tips on how to retrieve peanut shells from a lightning bolt of a German Shepherd, like my dog... I am all ears.

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