Happy Colorado Day! If you spent your birthdays watching cliff divers at Casa Bonita and think altitude sickness is a made up thing, then you'll appreciate these #GrowingUpInColorado tweets.

1) There might only be a small percentage of us who can use an actual compass and they are all employees at REI. The rest of us just... 

2) We might have dry, cracked skin in the winter, but at least our hair looks great.
3) Yeah, WTF is all this and what do you do with it?!
4) Snow bro or Five-0?
5) When Mom's obviously punishing you for something.
6) OK joke all you want, but the other day I legitimately used this jingle to help me with directions.
7) I made my parents take me to Casa Bonita for my sixth birthday. I think I was written out of their will that day.
8) Next time you say you have no friends, remember, you at least have one and he's in the diamond business.
9) Wrong, @Stevenrangel11. I bitch about everything. 
10) Aaaaaand here it is. 

If these tweets aren't funny to you because you #GrewUpInMaine, we actually got this idea from Kira at our sister station in the northeast, and you might be able to relate to these.

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