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Colorado has one of the most educated populations in the nation, but are the teachers who shape these future generations compensated fairly?

Teachers Are Massively Underpaid in Colorado


We all know that the cost of living is increasing in Colorado. When the cost of living increases, salaries are supposed to increase as well.

That is not the case for teachers in Colorado. Teachers in the Centennial State have the sixth lowest average salary compared to the rest of the states in our nation.

The ranking considered the cost of living and how helpful the salary would be for their living situation.

Let's get this straight. Colorado has the fifth best education for students, but the teachers make the sixth lowest salary. The average teacher in Colorado takes home $66,397 a year before taxes.

How does that add up?

The Average Salary in Colorado For Everybody


The average salary in Colorado is $56,401 a year. If you are paid hourly, the average is $27 an hour.

Teachers make more than the state average, but the cost of living compared to the salary is less than ideal in Colorado than in other states.

Important to Invest in Colorado Educators


It is essential to ensure our teachers have fair compensation and we need to invest more in their well-being. If Colorado wants to continue to be one of the most educated states in the nation, it can only do so by ensuring that the people educating future generations are being taken care of.

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