Ain't nobody got time for your germs!

We're all a bunch of workaholics, aren't we? That must be the reason why we won't take a sick day. Or it could be that we are afraid we will be seen as someone who is not dedicated to their work.

In fact, a recent survey conducted on behalf for Robitussin says that 78 perfect of workers feel pressure to power through illness and go into the office. This never works out well for anyone involved. Not only are you crop-dusting the office with your germs, but you're not giving yourself the proper environment and time to recover properly.

Stop worrying about your job and know that quite a few of your co-workers have your back.

That's right! 41 percent of workers in that same survey said they would much rather take on more work than have you at the office. Of course, this is probably more about their health than yours. A whopping 82 percent of employees say they are annoyed when someone comes to work sick, even with just a cough.

So if you're not feeling good, stay home... for the sake of all of us.

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