Many of Colorado's hiking trails are high in elevation, leading to epic views that get the heart pounding along the way up. But a certain trail in Colorado Springs gets hikers' pulses beating for a much different reason.

A section of North Cheyenne Cañon Park is said to be haunted, but that doesn't stop hundreds of adventurous hikers from setting out on the Helen Hunt Falls Trail on an annual basis.

Helen Hunt Falls is named after the accomplished American poet/activist/writer Helen Hunt Jackson. As a social activist, she had a passion for helping the Native peoples of this country. The notable female figure made her way to Colorado around 1874 with hopes that the climate would help to cure her from illness. She remained in the Centennial State until her death. Helen Hunt Jackson passed away from stomach cancer on August 12, 1885, at age 54. She was originally buried near the Springs' famous Seven Falls, however, was later exhumed and moved to Evergreen Cemetery.

Some believe it is Helen herself who haunts the trail to the falls – but more on that in a moment.

Kelsey Nistel, TSM/ Getty Images/Canva
Kelsey Nistel, TSM/ Getty Images/Canva

The trail leading to the stunning 35-foot falls is only one-tenth of a mile (roundtrip) but it's steep and sometimes very slippery. The hike takes traverses beside the face of the falls, then back around to another creek and a promontory from which the entire valley is then visible. This location also marks the abrupt descent of Cheyenne Creek where North Cheyenne Canyon Road merges with Gold Camp Road.

Despite the path's short distance, many accidents happen at Helen Hunt Falls, and at least one death occurs each season. In 1904, the body of a deceased woman was discovered close to the waterfalls and in 2019, a violent shooting unfolded near the same spot.

Rather than the ghost of Helen Hunt Jackson, some believe it's the spirits of those who have died in these tragic accidents that continue to haunt the falls.

Hikers have reported hearing disembodied voices and unexplained screams while on the trail. People hiking at night have noted strange sounds coming from the area. And all of these were loud enough to have been heard over the sound of the rushing falls. Another hiker captured an image of what looked like a woman's face within the waterfall.

Several psychics also visited the Colorado Springs trail and felt very strong spiritual energy there.

The trail to Helen Hunt Falls is both scenic and...scary. Take the hike and see for yourself.

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