The past couple of summers have been brutally hot. That is saying something considering this Colorado native spent 7 years in the heat of Florida. If you were dreading this summer because you thought it was going to be a scorcher, I have good news for you... You will be able to enjoy your summer in Colorado outdoors.

The thermometer on the background of the sun. 3d rendering.

According to the Weather Channel, we are going to have a below average summer when it comes to temperatures. The entire state of Colorado will be below average during the month of July. Around one-third of the state, which includes Northern Colorado, will be in the below average range in August. We will finally be in the "near or slightly" below average range in September.

If you love the summer heat, this might be sad news for you. However, most of us that like the 80-degree weather will be thoroughly enjoying the weather.

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