The cold months of winter are quickly approaching here in Northern Colorado. This means it's going to be a great time to turn up the heat in your mouth. Arvada, Colorado-based Blazing Bird chicken announced on October 2 via Facebook the spicy chicken joint will be coming to the Choice City.

According to the Coloradoan, Blazing Bird, a Nashville Hot Chicken style fast-casual restaurant will be moving into the location where Serious Texas BBQ used to operate in the King Soopers parking lot on North College Avenue.

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Blazing Bird's flagship location opened in February 12368 West 64th Avenue in Arvada with six spicy levels of heat. Technically five levels as the original flavor packs no heat.

Blazing Bird's heat levels consist of:

  • Original - No heat
  • Mild - Just a little kick
  • Medium - Getting hotter
  • Hot - Danger zone
  • Extra Hot - We warned you
  • Blazing - Call the fire department

How hot is the Blazing? Well, let's just say you are going to have to sign a waiver before you get your blazing chicken from Blazing Bird. I personally cannot wait to try Blazing Bird's chicken as their motto is "It's spicylicious".

Blazing Bird has plans to open the Fort Collins location at 1820 North College Avenue in the first half of November. Some of the many things you will find on Blazing Bird's menu include chicken, burritos, macaroni and cheese, shakes, and deep-fried Oreos. Check out Blazing Bird's menu HERE.

Fort Collins will be the second location for Blazing Bird. A third location is planned for the city of Englewood.

Source: Blazing Bird - Coloradoan

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