I feel like it's a crime to skip fries at your favorite fast-food joint in Colorado. French fries, despite their misleading name, are practically an American birthright. They're the perfect salty sidekick to any burger, and leaving them behind just feels...unpatriotic.

Most of us love french fries. We have all noticed that prices have risen at fast-food restaurants in Colorado.

Coloradans love a good deal. That is why we are excited to tell you that one fast food restaurant is offering french fries for just one dollar.

Sonic Drive-In Offers Sweet Deal in Colorado

Scott Olson/Getty Images
Scott Olson/Getty Images

There are 81 Sonic Drive-In locations in Colorado. All locations are offering $1 french fries during June 2024.

The fries are not their typical french fries. Sonic Drive-In will be selling their new 'Groovy Fries' for one of the George Washington's you have in your wallet.

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Groovy Fries are basically crinkle-cut french fries and they look pretty tasty.

According to Today, the Groovy Fries are the beginning of a lot of menu items we can look forward to in Colorado this summer.

I am incredibly excited to try the new Groovy fries at Sonic Drive-In. I think that crinkle-cut fries grab more sauce.


I am also excited because Sonic Drive-In is located just a few minutes from our building in Windsor, Colorado.

Colorado Sonic Hack

If you are looking to try a fun and new flavor at Sonic Drive-In, I would highly recommend getting water.

Seriously, stay with me.

If you get a large water you can also add special treats to it. Whenever I go to Sonic I get the biggest water I can and add nerds candy as well as strawberries.

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