We all know that voice that tells us, 'The doors are closing, please keep clear and hold on for departure to all A gates.' Well, DIA is looking for the newest voice to welcome you to Denver, a job previously held by Bronco Von Miller

Unfortunately, most of us Northern Colorado/Fort Collins radio hosts aren't eligible, because the applicants must have been around for at least seven years, but I would gladly vote for our K99 Good Morning Guys, who have three decades under their belts.

According to KDVR, 'The competition is open to local television and radio personalities, and one man and one woman will be chosen.'

They have to read the scripteven though most of us can recite it by memory— which includes phrases like 'Hello, and welcome to Denver International Airport,' 'Please hold on, we are approaching the station for all A gates,' and 'All passengers please exit and follow signs to baggage claim.'

I mean, can you just imagine Susan Moore's sultry, calming voice in the midst of all that airport chaos? 'Well hello, honey. Don't you just look fabulous? Oh, watch out for that door, it's closing.'


A committee will narrow down finalists, and then open it up to a public vote. Let's make sure Susan and Brian or Todd have their shot at this.

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