I never really had a definitive opinion on if a dog should or shouldn't ride in an uncovered bed of a pickup truck. That is until what I saw yesterday as I was heading home.

Old American truck with Labradors in the back

Driving home a truck going in the opposite direction passed me. As the truck was passing I noticed a figure rolling on the passenger side just off the gravel and into the grass. It turns out that one of the two dogs in the bed of the pickup either jumped or fell out of the bed. Preparing for the worst, I immediately pulled over to help the dog as did a couple of other people. The dog's rear leg appeared to be injured as it limped to another motorist that stopped to help. The scared pup whimpered in pain as he urinated all over himself. It was hard to see the dog like that. Thankfully, no blood and visible serious injuries. The owner thanked us for helping, picked up the dog and put him in the cab of his truck and drove away. I understand things happen where you had no intention of harm. But I can't help to think that this easily could have been avoided.

As a dog owner and with no kids, our dogs have become our children. They have been with us for well over a decade of adventures, moves, trips to the oceans and mountains. I could never see myself putting my dogs in an uncovered truck bed because of the "what if's". What if they fell out? What if they thought it might be a good idea to take a leap out of the truck bed? What if I got hit by another vehicle?

Here is my question to you? Do you put your dogs in the bed of a truck when driving? Or do you keep them in the cab with you? I am not saying one way is right and the other is wrong. I am curious as to what you would do after being a part the incident yesterday.

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