Fort Collins Police Services is warning the community that a man who meets the criteria of a sexually violent predator has been released and is currently residing in Fort Collins.

Fort Collins Police Services
Fort Collins Police Services

An official news release from the City of Fort Collins states that Jason Allen Lewis, the individual involved in this notification was recently released from Larimer County Community Corrections.

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As per the bulletin posted notifying the community about this matter (which is displayed above), Jason Allen Lewis, 38, was convicted in 2018 for Attempted Sexual Assault - victim incapable of appraising and Assault 2 - causing serious bodily injury. In addition, Lewis had also been previously convicted on multiple charges, including Aggravated Motor Vehicle Theft, Assault, Felony Trespass, Burglary, Driving Under the Influence, and Driving Under Restraint.

Jason Allen Lewis is living at 4430 Hollyhock St. in Fort Collins and is currently holds an occupation in flooring; his current workplace, New Step Flooring, is listed as having the same address as Lewis' place of residence, according to the bulletin.

Lewis is currently under the supervision of probation officer Nicole Feltz and parole officer Greg Broswell.

Colorado law requires local law enforcement to notify the community when a sex offender who meets the criteria for “Sexually Violent Predator” will be moving into and living in their community. Local law enforcement has no legal authority to prohibit sex offenders from living in a community.

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