I firmly believe that you should always tip whenever a service is provided to you. If you can't tip when you go to a restaurant, you should not go out to eat.

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We are seeing more companies ask for untraditional tips, and many Americans are confused and discouraged when they tip, but they have no idea where the tip is going.

Self-checkout machines are now asking for tips across the nation, and it is only a matter of time before it becomes normal in Colorado.

What Is the Point?


This is especially confusing because there was no service given. If you are bagging your groceries yourself, why would you tip a self-checkout machine? Does the self-checkout machine need to pay bills?

Did anybody assist you? No.

Many of us are trying to figure out the point of self-checkout machines asking for tips.

Self-checkout machines will start asking for tips in grocery and retail stores.

This Is Different Than When You Go to a Restaurant or a Coffee Shop


For the record, tipping is essential for some businesses. I have no issue with giving a tip to a barista or any other server. When a service is given, and the employee flips over the tablet, I am happy to give a nice tip.

Where the Money Goes


It most likely depends on the company and its policies. In an interview with The New York Post, many companies are splitting the tips to employees who are on shift.

So your money will not go into the back pocket of business owners who don't offer any services. But this still feels unethical to some degree.

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