Everybody gets scam calls, right? You most likely get at least one scam call in Colorado.

I get so many scam calls that I barely answer my phone anymore. Of course, this can be frustrating for friends, family members, and co-workers trying to reach me. Anytime I feel my phone vibrate in my pocket, I automatically assume a scam caller is trying to reach me and I avoid it. It's my first instinct.

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A lot of Coloradans feel the same way. Scam callers have been out of control for quite some time, but it is certainly getting worse.

Are Scam Calls Worse in Colorado?


They sure are. Colorado happens to be one of the biggest targets of scam calls in the country.

Colorado has the second highest scam call rate in the country according to new data. 910 Coloradans out of every 10,000 residents are consistently receiving scam calls.

It is essential to note that this is reported data. I have never reported a scam call and there are countless others that have not either. Arizona is the only state that has a higher amount of scam callers per residents.

Coloradans Losing Millions


There is a report that Coloradans lost $164 million in 2023 due to fraudulent scams. Think about it this way. You could buy every Fort Collins resident an iPhone with that money that has been lost.

Scam Calls Are Frustrating


As I mentioned earlier, I do not answer calls anymore due to my assumption that it is a scam call. I recently was given the advice that certain cell phone companies have options to automatically block scam calls.

For example, T-Mobile has ScamShield. You have to pay for the service, however you would have more peace of mind.

10 Most-Used Scams in Colorado

By knowing what "cons" are being used the most, we can help ourselves, and family members from bearing the weight of embarrassment and drained bank accounts.

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