Can you believe this year has gone by so fast? It seems like we were celebrating Valentine's Day only a few weeks ago, now we're on the verge of Thanksgiving and Christmas.


From what I have heard, Santa Claus is thankfully immune to the COVID-19 virus. So, he will have no problem making his rounds on Christmas Eve night. The newly released Naughty or Nice list from the North Pole Government Department of Christmas Affairs is showing who will be getting their gifts if they have been nice, or a lump of coal if you have been naughty.

Check to see where you have landed on the list HERE.

I decided to check the list for some of the people that I work with and here is their status:

  • Matt (myself) - Naughty
  • Madison - Nice
  • Dave - Naughty
  • AJ - Naughty
  • Maxx - Nice
  • Jess - Nice
  • Shelby - Naughty
  • Emily - Nice

You might have been put on the naughty list like I have but are not quite sure why. You've been wearing your mask and social distancing like you should be, so you feel like you should get an appeal. In previous years, there has been an appeal process through the Department of Christmas Affairs. But it looks like the appeals campaign has not been activated as of yet, so you will have to wait. Last year, the campaign didn't start until December 1, 2019.

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