So, we didn’t exactly get the white Christmas that makes for wonderful, aesthetically-pleasing Instagram pictures. Nor did we get snow for New Year’s Eve, only a bitter, freezing cold. Personally, that makes me a very sad Coloradoan, but I haven’t yet given up hope that we’re going to get a bizarre, springtime snow-dump in the middle of March. However, I don’t just have hope, I also know what we can do to make that happen. Let’s just say I know a guy.

Or, rather, Breckenridge knows a guy. Because from tomorrow until January 12th, this classy mountainous town will be celebrating their annual Breckenridge Ullr Fest. I know ‘Ullr’ sounds like a discarded villain that Thor would fight in an off-brand reboot, but that’s actually the name of the Nordic Lord of Winter. The aim of the festival is to thank Ullr for the snow he has provided, and then ask him to do us a solid by provided even more snow for our ski slopes. And what better way to honor and beseech a Nordic god than by swimming, skiing, and taking shots in the freezing cold? Not only is there no better way, but there's no other way.

Over the next four days, Breckenridge will be celebrating 56 years of going hard in the cold with a giant bonfire, parade, a polar plunge, and much more! Not to mention Breckenridge Distillery’s quest to win back the title of World Record Community Shot. And trust me, there’s nothing medicinal about these. Last year they ended up with over 1,200 people on 422 skis at the event; I’m sure the effort to top that will be something for the books.

So, break out your best Viking helmet, bundle up, and head up to Breckenridge this weekend to party hard and beg for snow. I'll thank you when March rolls around.


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