As I have been looking for date night ideas and adventures during the winter months in Colorado, I have noticed that there is no shortage of options.

When I was a kid, I was obsessed with trains. I do not know what it was, but I would spend hours in my room looking at a half-built train set, and I was deeply fascinated. There is one train ride experience that might be the best across America.

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If you are looking for an adventure in Colorado, this might be the adventure you have been looking for.

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About the Train Ride

The Royal Gorge Route has been going viral on TikTok for the past couple of months. For good reason too - the ride is absolutely stunning. During the ride, you bob and weave around the Arkansas River through beautiful Colorado canyons.

The train offers a ton of different experiences. Each scenic ride is about two hours, and you travel from Canon City to Parkdale, Colorado. The largest neighboring city is Colorado Springs.

The Experiences Are Unlimited

The Royal Gorge Train offers a bunch of fun and unique-themed rides. Not only does the train offer lunch, dinner, and breakfast rides, but there are also holiday-themed rides, including a Santa Express Train.

There is also an option to stay at an Inn. You can really make a legendary weekend out of this train and I am adding it to my Colorado bucket list.

Personally, I would recommend the Vista Dome. You can capture the most sights due to being surrounded by windows.

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